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Nom Taille Révision Âge Auteur Commentaire
  functional 3002b1a3 plus d'un an Raphaël Doursenaud Indent tests with tabs
  unit 3002b1a3 plus d'un an Raphaël Doursenaud Indent tests with tabs

Dernières révisions

# Date Auteur Commentaire
3002b1a3 03/10/2016 10:44 Raphaël Doursenaud

Indent tests with tabs

ef37f43f 26/09/2016 13:56 Raphaël Doursenaud

Add PHPdocumentor alternative to Doxygen

- cleanup code documentation
- composer command

0be3b16c 26/09/2016 13:00 Raphaël Doursenaud

Enhance code documentation

- Newer doxygen support
- composer doc_dev command
- better target directory
- file comments cleanup

a5f179af 26/09/2016 11:38 Raphaël Doursenaud

Simplify functional test

d935069b 23/09/2016 12:00 Raphaël Doursenaud

Test box and trigger declaration

d2cb26cc 23/09/2016 11:54 Raphaël Doursenaud

Rename trigger and add test

710a551c 23/09/2016 11:35 Raphaël Doursenaud

Add functional test setup and about pages

7f536d5c 23/09/2016 10:55 Raphaël Doursenaud

Add basic functional test

Use PHPUnit Selenium extension
Support Google Chrome via chromedriver

66f63456 23/09/2016 08:00 Raphaël Doursenaud

Add a template unit test

Just a fake base test

e4b315ae 18/09/2012 18:28 Raphaël Doursenaud

First version

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