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2a21f666 25/09/2017 18:40 Stéphane MASCARON

Fiche_profile Completed with i18n for all label

f64fb5f6 25/09/2017 18:29 Stéphane MASCARON

Add i18n translation for french language

0ddccd21 25/09/2017 18:26 Stéphane MASCARON

Add i18n file for french trraduction

cd23d51b 25/09/2017 18:22 Stéphane MASCARON

Use i18n into RenderComponent Helper, exemple into fiche_profile.hbs

cb2f1779 14/09/2017 20:50 Stéphane MASCARON

Add French language and parameter "LANGUAGE" .locale into config.json file

82b20210 14/09/2017 15:24 Stéphane MASCARON

Add internationalisation file in i18n directory

901eb303 14/09/2017 14:29 Stéphane MASCARON

i18n directory to write translations files

8257784a 14/09/2017 14:26 Stéphane MASCARON

add i18n middleware to internatinalize applications with OTF²

58850c38 26/07/2017 17:23 Stéphane MASCARON

fix log4js version to 0.6.38 mofdification API create an error. temporary before to adapt to the newer log4js version

842e4c2e 13/06/2017 14:19 Greta Lahitte

Manage cache behavior from flight plan, add 'no_cache':true to a route to disable it

b5041c61 22/05/2017 10:13 Stéphane MASCARON

Add Ace Editor files

6e4a8ccb 22/05/2017 01:11 Stéphane MASCARON

Add write action and works for the Annuaires link

c9b4e4fd 21/05/2017 19:12 Stéphane MASCARON

modify title

72974811 21/05/2017 18:49 Stéphane MASCARON

Add config files and directory schema into back office

4f8d7908 19/05/2017 16:06 Stéphane MASCARON

Add code_editor and annuaire.hbs as view to edit flight Plan

88a53b28 19/05/2017 15:57 Stéphane MASCARON

Merge branch 'components_hbs'

e014492c 19/05/2017 15:51 Stéphane MASCARON

Add bean named "files" with 3 method to list, read and write text files on server side.

0f809510 10/05/2017 12:00 Stéphane MASCARON

correction error of value into signin, and add action into otf_default.json

b46bc274 10/05/2017 09:34 Stéphane MASCARON

Update config_sql.json

b3daa11e 02/05/2017 17:17 Stéphane MASCARON

modify cnx_socket.js to reload page users after oplog insertion

999a88a2 02/05/2017 16:51 Stéphane MASCARON


d5ee04a0 02/05/2017 15:02 Stéphane MASCARON

modify some params

8356ebbb 02/05/2017 15:00 Stéphane MASCARON

some modifications

50bf4ff4 24/03/2017 14:49 Stéphane MASCARON

Add scheduler.js a chron controler which can be started into app.js

23dbef36 24/03/2017 14:48 Stéphane MASCARON

Add ';' at the end of a line

6fd68d0d 24/03/2017 14:47 Stéphane MASCARON

Add list function to insert an array of object, this is a recursive function to range this array

a8aefbd3 24/03/2017 14:45 Stéphane MASCARON

Add function populateAndListMultiSchemas to get one record with populating data from external ref and get lists of other schemas.

7640a27f 24/03/2017 14:44 Stéphane MASCARON

Add start chron job

f99065c2 25/01/2017 09:59 Stéphane MASCARON

Add action "GET/listparamslogs" to illustrate finder's function listWithParams

b9df79f2 25/01/2017 09:58 Stéphane MASCARON

Add function "listWithParams" which get a list of data from a collection filtered by parameters into params_names Array. You can see list action "GET/listparamslogs" for usage.

710706cb 25/01/2017 09:44 Stéphane MASCARON

Add action "GET/jsoncountries" to illustrate return-type : application/json on one collection.

418e3704 18/01/2017 07:10 Stéphane MASCARON


dacb88ff 18/01/2017 07:08 Stéphane MASCARON

Modify parameter of manyAndListMultiSchemas function getDocument, it must be an Object and not an Array { "_id": _controler.params._id[j]}

8cd10879 15/01/2017 15:20 Stéphane MASCARON

Add result into the options of conmponent with this line options.hash.result =;

50cbea18 15/01/2017 15:19 Stéphane MASCARON

Add action "GET/countries"

9ec32f52 15/01/2017 15:18 Stéphane MASCARON

Add message when connection is wrong <h4 class="center">{{message}} : {{state}}</h4>

58e2437e 15/01/2017 15:18 Stéphane MASCARON

Add new fonction to get MongoDB request from many _id of diferents collections, and to get list of other
or the same collections.

ddae9a4d 23/11/2016 01:12 Stéphane MASCARON

use of dataTable component to replace HTML code of <table> and JS script to intialize dataTable. Now script is into component dataTable.hbs

65ddb184 23/11/2016 01:11 Stéphane MASCARON

delete commentary

2d4b9aa9 23/11/2016 01:11 Stéphane MASCARON

Replace countries into bean by datas less specific

f6631793 23/11/2016 01:10 Stéphane MASCARON


2d83c173 22/11/2016 15:24 Stéphane MASCARON

Replace dataTable HTML code and JS by {{renderComponent 'dataTable' ... }}

e0726f56 22/11/2016 15:23 Stéphane MASCARON

Create an OTF component to display dataTable. For this we use "renderComponents" Handlebars Helpers.

97b2eaf9 22/11/2016 15:21 Stéphane MASCARON

Modif MDP mysql demo

a2f10090 16/11/2016 23:43 Stéphane MASCARON

Delete usage of "id" attributes into component's javascript for detecting "onClick" into the dropdown list. Using of new attributes called "compotype", but we can just get the value of this attribute by an array ("attributes"), and the index of this attribute, is the index "0" into our component

d105dd74 28/10/2016 19:34 Stéphane MASCARON

Demo component comboBoxEditable into fiche_profil.hbs

eca55afd 28/10/2016 19:33 Stéphane MASCARON

Add component comboBox with editable input text for searching in big list

fbf59c6e 12/10/2016 16:02 Stéphane MASCARON

simplified password into Sequelize configuration for mysql

89e6b7f7 12/10/2016 15:27 Stéphane MASCARON

delete timer.js file because it is used for learning stage

9e05d341 12/10/2016 15:24 Stéphane MASCARON

Delete "screen" in test because we can have action without screen.
Modification of comments
Modification of return data from Content-Type, and add Type Office Open XML

8aebb643 12/10/2016 15:21 Stéphane MASCARON

Modify Title Demo App

82617df9 30/09/2016 15:29 Stéphane MASCARON


ce9add02 24/09/2016 02:51 Stéphane MASCARON

Modify title of the fiche_profile screen

5ee3f0d1 24/09/2016 02:47 Stéphane MASCARON

Modify comboBox into comboBoxDB because we need to use static data into comboBox component passed into JSON stringify to the values parameters.

62c38d88 23/09/2016 18:47 Stéphane MASCARON

Add components button submit, hidden and modifications inputText. adding of red border-color to know into dev what is a component.

68735a55 23/09/2016 17:59 Stéphane MASCARON

Add components Email, phone and modifications inputText. adding of red border-color to know into dev what is a component.

6edc72b6 23/09/2016 14:54 Stéphane MASCARON

Create inputText Component to insert into IHM input HTML with some parameters. this is for the future OTF² Studio

9e8f054d 23/09/2016 14:53 Stéphane MASCARON

Add imputText component in place of HTML code. this is for the future OTF² Studio

5b3bcdae 23/09/2016 00:35 Stéphane MASCARON

factorization of compare function because it is used into express-handlebars helpers and into renderCcomponent helper to selected the right option

5f57e60b 23/09/2016 00:32 Stéphane MASCARON

Modification of data_model to AccountId

fd8ea200 23/09/2016 00:31 Stéphane MASCARON

Replacement of select by comboBox component

fb9a7712 23/09/2016 00:30 Stéphane MASCARON

Add component comboBox with selected option into partial.

dc1617be 22/09/2016 16:44 Stéphane MASCARON

Add first components, comboBox with selected options possible for modifications screens

741ab43b 20/09/2016 01:12 Stéphane MASCARON

Modifications to handlebars usage and creating generics components with handlebars

2b596c8c 14/09/2016 11:03 Stéphane MASCARON

Modification to upgrade mongodb to =3.2.9 and mongoose to 4.6.0.
Now OTF is comptable with the lastest mongodb and mongoose softwares

f7315dd6 12/09/2016 19:27 Stéphane MASCARON

Fix version of to the latest 1.4.5 which is compatible with Node.js 6.5.0

11fa4cd6 12/09/2016 19:26 Stéphane MASCARON

Delete which is incompatible with 1.4.5, but 1.4.5 is compatible with node.js 6.5.0

91f4fe39 06/09/2016 19:41 Stéphane MASCARON

Merge branches 'master' and 'sequelize' of

c1ee066b 02/09/2016 14:43 Stéphane MASCARON

Add String previous params into result object. It can be used into <scrit>...</script>

bc321979 02/09/2016 10:19 jcebras

Prerequis : ajout de la lib graphicsmagic

8ca73dfa 29/08/2016 12:36 Stéphane MASCARON

Add params property into result after send data to the view. Becaus it could be necessary to get prévious params into the next page (_id, or other datas).
This is really simple to forward a parameter of a page to another

bd610994 29/08/2016 12:34 Stéphane MASCARON

Modify commentary

97a6f2b9 29/08/2016 12:33 Stéphane MASCARON

Add property 'str' to se/home/stephane/workspaceNode/simulateur3/beans/finder.jst json result into String format for use into <script>...</script> like this :
var result = {{{result.str}}} ; and to use into {{#each}} ...{{/each}} tag in the HTML document.

fd26d814 12/08/2016 13:59 Stéphane MASCARON

Add action to test Array or Object to be send by listParams of "beans/finderSQL.js"

9dbdd76a 12/08/2016 13:58 Stéphane MASCARON

Modification of listParams function : if more than one response an Array is send, if just one response an Object is send to views

df06f592 12/08/2016 13:57 Stéphane MASCARON

Modification of id ti _id to be compatible with MongoDB _id into views (result._id) everywhere

f20bf6d7 12/08/2016 13:57 Stéphane MASCARON

Modification of id ti _id to be compatible with MongoDB _id into views (result._id) everywhere

980e4408 12/08/2016 13:02 Stéphane MASCARON

Commentary Modification

49195eb5 12/08/2016 11:55 Stéphane MASCARON

Globalize parameters of Sequelize

202a0b2a 25/07/2016 18:26 Stéphane MASCARON

Modify commentary into function "listParams"

3e160898 25/07/2016 17:17 Stéphane MASCARON

Add Action "listWithParams" to request SQL database with param "sql_request" and parameters like "code = :code"

95ed85ba 25/07/2016 17:16 Stéphane MASCARON

Add function named listParams that use "sql_request" into Flight Plan to get SQL instruction and parameters, exemple with countries Table, if we set url into browser to "http://localhost:3000/listWithParams?code=CH", OTF use action "listWithParams" from Flight Plan with sql_request set to "SELECT * FROM countires where code = :code". So you can use this to extract some datas.

951531c7 20/07/2016 02:22 Stéphane MASCARON

Add function list from sequelize and "direct SQL" setting in the flight plan into sql_request attribute.
There is no parameters for this request, just SQL without params.
To use parameters it is necessary to utilize listParams (which is not implemented yet ;-)

983478de 20/07/2016 02:19 Stéphane MASCARON

delete commentary for dbSeq which get instance of Sequelize and declare as global variable. Web can use in list function
this instance to execute sql_request setting in the flight plan.

563b7ad9 20/07/2016 01:38 Stéphane MASCARON

Adding commentary for the functions
TODO : we need to separate sqlite3 and sequelize in the two function : "list" and "one".

1194c749 19/07/2016 22:40 Stéphane MASCARON

Add oneByModels function into finderSQL to get one record from a table (data_model), with 2 test, application/json and with screen country.hbs and countries_list.hbs

c7da79f8 19/07/2016 21:25 Stéphane MASCARON

Add Action in the Flight Plan to test sequelize with return type application/json.

1b360e2f 19/07/2016 19:07 Stéphane MASCARON

file for simple database connection from sequelize, its for testing orr prototyping only not for production.

be465e86 19/07/2016 19:01 Stéphane MASCARON

circular JSON error is intiate by the property "models" add into _controler to get access to the SQL model in a bean, it is necessary to delete this properties before to send data from the bean to the callback otf (cb).
there is an example in the bean finderSQL and the method listByModels

9d9f465e 19/07/2016 14:08 Stéphane MASCARON

Add Sequelize to load Models and reuse into a bean, externalization of database config into a file dump/sqldb/config_sql.json with 3 environments (dev, test and prod)
they are otf modifications to add a param into the controler "models" wich is an associative array to get Relations models....

fa8eae09 18/07/2016 16:22 Stéphane MASCARON

fichier de la base de données sqlite3

6309b29b 18/07/2016 16:22 Stéphane MASCARON

Dump de la base otf_demo MySQL

9536a0ed 18/07/2016 16:11 Stéphane MASCARON

Delete a compare Helper

f787c505 24/06/2016 18:28 Stéphane MASCARON

Delete a compare Helper

36c4bbde 24/06/2016 18:27 Stéphane MASCARON

modify message logger more generic

989ef3a5 24/06/2016 18:27 Stéphane MASCARON

Add schema Users for the demo App

0efceb7e 21/06/2016 14:21 Stéphane MASCARON

Add debug sh start script

b9133413 21/06/2016 14:06 Stéphane MASCARON

Add bean that return Date og the Day (used in training OTF²)

1c07f543 21/06/2016 08:51 Stéphane MASCARON

Modify {{#compare}} for default nav bar

9a2d3820 20/06/2016 23:38 Stéphane MASCARON

Add view countries_list.hbs