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otf-aquinetic / dump @ master

Nom Taille Révision Âge Auteur Commentaire
  otf_demo 2b596c8c presque 2 ans Stéphane MASCARON Modification to upgrade mongodb to =3.2.9 and m...
  sqldb b46bc274 plus d'un an Stéphane MASCARON Update config_sql.json

Dernières révisions

# Date Auteur Commentaire
88a53b28 19/05/2017 15:57 Stéphane MASCARON

Merge branch 'components_hbs'

b46bc274 10/05/2017 09:34 Stéphane MASCARON

Update config_sql.json

97b2eaf9 22/11/2016 15:21 Stéphane MASCARON

Modif MDP mysql demo

2b596c8c 14/09/2016 11:03 Stéphane MASCARON

Modification to upgrade mongodb to =3.2.9 and mongoose to 4.6.0.
Now OTF is comptable with the lastest mongodb and mongoose softwares

9d9f465e 19/07/2016 14:08 Stéphane MASCARON

Add Sequelize to load Models and reuse into a bean, externalization of database config into a file dump/sqldb/config_sql.json with 3 environments (dev, test and prod)
they are otf modifications to add a param into the controler "models" wich is an associative array to get Relations models....

fa8eae09 18/07/2016 16:22 Stéphane MASCARON

fichier de la base de données sqlite3

6309b29b 18/07/2016 16:22 Stéphane MASCARON

Dump de la base otf_demo MySQL

28d45571 16/06/2016 17:12 Stéphane MASCARON

Add Role collection for App demo

820d40ca 16/06/2016 11:12 Stéphane MASCARON

New dump of database otf_demo

ca84c039 16/06/2016 01:02 Stéphane MASCARON

Merge branch 'master' of with Alliage update of design
Modification database structure

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  2. beans/glances.js

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